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New York, New York
Chanin Building
Times Square
Empire State Building
Rockefeller Center
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York
Pulpit and Altar, St. Patrick's Cathedral
Five Past Five in GCT
Guggenheim Spiral
Foyer, New York Public Library
Times Square, New York
Midtown Manhattan
St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York
Grand Central Terminal & MetLife Building
New York Public Library
Chrysler Building, New York
Freedom Tower II
Freedom Tower I
New York by Gehry
Guggenheim Museum
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church
Guggenheim Spiral
Pod 39 Rooftop Bar
Midtown Manhattan Morning
Midtown Manhattan by Night
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Downtown Manhattan and Bridges
St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York
Empire State Building at Dusk
Atlas and St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York
Chrysler Building and Flags
Chrysler Building & Grand Central Terminal
Remembering September 11th, 2001
Brooklyn Bridge: Tower and Cables
Brooklyn Bridge: Crossing to Manhattan
Brooklyn Bridge: Underside
Brooklyn Bridge: Suspension Cables
Brooklyn Bridge: Downtown
Brooklyn Bridge: Empire State and Midtown
Brooklyn Bridge: Cable Canyon
Brooklyn Bridge: Towards the City
Sightseers, New York City
St Patrick's Cathedral, New York City
Cyber-Crusader, FRC New York
Drivers In Waiting, FRC New York Regional
Team Brazil 1156
Safety FIRST
2 Train Robotics Fan, FRC New York
Dr. Woodie Flowers, FIRST Co-Founder
Blue Alliance, FRC New York
Ghostly Commuters, New York City
Grand Central Stairway, New York City
Memorial Day Remembrance
Flatiron Building De-Noised
Flatiron Building, Midtown Manhattan, NY
Grand Central Station, New York
Post Office Building, New York
Neither Snow Nor Rain...
Brooklyn Bridge Arches, New York
Sunset over Manhattan
Organ Gallery, St Patrick's Cathedral
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York
Empire State Building, New York
Flatiron Building, New York
Lighting Globes, Grand Central Station, NY
Manhattan Skyline at Dusk

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