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Hangin' On!
Bull Rider, Austin Rodeo
Chasing a Steer
Freak Out at the Rodeo Carnival
Barrel Racer, Austin Rodeo
Barb & Taylor, Austin Rodeo Carnival
At Full Gallop, Austin Rodeo
Barrel Racer, 2013
Corn Dogs and Funnel Cakes
A Flag In Waiting
8 Seconds To Go
Bull Rider, Austin Rodeo
Ride 'em Cowboy!
Bronco Rider, Austin Rodeo
Home Stretch
Steer Roper, Austin Rodeo
Carnival Pattern, Austin
Carnival Trails, Rodeo Austin
Bull Rider, Austin Rodeo
Time for Revenge?
Carnival Thrill, Rodeo Austin
Standard Bearer, Rodeo Austin
Here Comes The Ground, Rodeo Austin

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