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Two Generations, Dripping Springs Rodeo
Flagbearer Taya
At Full Gallop
Hangin' On!
Steer Roping, Dripping Springs Rodeo
Cowboy, Dripping Springs Rodeo
Hat Seller, Dripping Springs Rodeo
All in a blur
Keeping The Faith
Ethan at the Rodeo
Roping Chutes
Catch the Steer
Bronco Rider
Getting Ready
Homeward Leg
Waiting in the Wings
Short Ride
Ready To Ride
Rodeo Faces 6
Rodeo Faces 5
Rodeo Faces 4
Rodeo Faces 3
Rodeo Faces 2
Rodeo Faces 1
Bull Rider, Austin Rodeo
Chasing a Steer
Barrel Racer, Austin Rodeo
Barb & Taylor, Austin Rodeo Carnival
At Full Gallop, Austin Rodeo
Barrel Racer, 2013
A Flag In Waiting
8 Seconds To Go
Bull Rider, Austin Rodeo
Ride 'em Cowboy!
Bronco Rider, Austin Rodeo
Home Stretch
Mutton Buster, Rodeo Austin
Dashing for Home, Rodeo Austin
Roper, Rodeo Austin
Aerial Ballet, Rodeo Austin
Barrel Racer, Rodeo Austin
Determination, Rodeo Austin
Bareback Rider, Rodeo Austin
Bull and Rider, Rodeo Austin
Hanging on for Dear Life, Rodeo Austin
Bull Rider Down, Wimberley Rodeo
Watching the Action, Wimberley Rodeo
Fixin' To Ride, Wimberley Rodeo
Down But Not Out, Wimberley Rodeo
Old Hand, Wimberley Rodeo
Sunset Bull Rider
Steer Roper, Austin Rodeo
Carnival Pattern, Austin
Bull Rider, Austin Rodeo
Time for Revenge?
Carnival Thrill, Rodeo Austin
Standard Bearer, Rodeo Austin
Here Comes The Ground, Rodeo Austin
Ducks in a Row
Carousel and Ferris Wheel, Austin Rodeo Carnival
Freak Out!
Texas Delicacies, Austin Rodeo Carnival

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