HDR Photography Workshop

HDR Photography Workshop

Austin, Texas – Saturday, August 2nd, 2013

State Capitol Rotunda, Austin, Texas

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography offers a collection of great tools for both artistic and realistic rendering of scenes which your camera on its own would be unable to capture in a single shot. Whether you intend to use it to create realistic images of building interiors or surreal art images, this one day class offers you a jump start under the instruction of an experienced HDR photographer.

Dave Wilson has been working with HDR techniques for 5 years and has a 25 year track record in photography. His HDR images have drawn praise from photographers and art lovers alike and have been accepted into juried exhibitions and collections in USA and Europe.

Join us at Precision Camera in Austin for a full day of HDR photography instruction, shooting, processing and discussion. Starting at 9am, we will go over basic HDR photography theory and discuss how to shoot for HDR before spending a few hours in Austin shooting using those techniques. After lunch, we will return to the classroom and process our raw exposures into final, tone-mapped images.

Organ Gallery, St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York

Class Size

This class is limited to 10 participants.


8:45 9:00 Arrive at Precision Camera, 2438 West Anderson Lane
9:00 9:15 Welcome, introduction and logistics
9:15 9:45 Introduction to HDR
9:45 10:15 Shooting for HDR
10:15 12:45 On Location – HDR shoot
12:45 1:30 Lunch
1:30 2:30 How to process HDR images using HDRSoft Photomatix Pro & examples of various tone mappings
2:30 4:00 Students process their own images from the morning shoot.
4:00 4:45 Show and Tell – show and discuss our final images.
4:45 5:00 Final questions, discussion and wrap up.

Chevron Building, Houston, Texas


The class costs $149 per participant.

Reserving your place

Use our contact form to let us know you are interested and we’ll add you to the participant list. As soon as we receive your tuition payment (please mail to 14000 Robins Run, Austin, TX 78737 or pay via PayPal to paypal@davewilsonphotography.com), your place will be held. Our refund policy is described in the workshop terms and conditions. The deposit value for this class is $50. Your sending payment indicates that you have read and accept the published terms and conditions.

After filling in the form, you can expect a response within 48 hours. If you do not hear from us, please resend or call 512 299 1763 since spam filters can sometimes be rather over-enthusiastic.

This class is organized by Precision Camera. Please reserve your place via the booking form on their web site.


You will need to bring the following equipment to the class:

  1. A digital camera capable of shooting in Aperture Priority or Manual exposure mode. For best results, the camera should also be able to record raw format images but this is not 100% necessary. I would recommend a wide angle zoom lens but bring whatever you have. You definitely won’t be needing a long telephoto so leave the 400mm at home :-)
  2. A tripod sturdy enough to support your camera and the heaviest lens you intend using.
  3. A laptop computer with a reader for your memory card format and software capable of reading and displaying your image files. Adobe Lightroom, Bridge or Photoshop, or Apple Aperture would be suitable, for example. If you do not own a laptop but are coming to the class with someone who does, you may share if you arrange this with one of the other participants prior to the class.
  4. HDRSoft Photomatix Pro software to allow processing of your HDR images. You can purchase this online here. An evaluation version is available if you want to try before you buy. Note that the evaluation version watermarks your images until it is unlocked. Using coupon code “DaveWilson” will give you a 15% discount if you are purchasing this software. You are welcome to try other HDR software packages but the instruction in this class will center on Photomatix.
  5. Enthusiasm and a willingness to experiment and ask questions!

This is an advanced intermediate level class. It is also expected that participants be familiar with the operation of their camera and image management software and be comfortable shooting in Aperture Priority or Manual exposure modes. You should have a good basic understanding of exposure-related variables – shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity settings. Knowledge of image editing techniques in Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture is helpful but not absolutely required. If you don’t feel confident using your camera in Aperture Priority or Manual exposure modes, I would recommend considering some of Precision Camera’s other classes such as the Intermediate Photo Series first.


If you have any questions about the workshop, please feel free to either email us using the contact form or call 512 299 1763.

Tire Sculpture, Austin, Texas

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